15 best schools in USA for international students

The U.S. Secondary Education System

Receiving a secondary education in an American school has many features. For example, it is worth noting that each student is involved in an individual program. This is because during the education the child himself chooses the program in which he wants to participate. The choice is made on the basis of personal preferences or requirements of the higher education institution where further admission is planned.

Students must have completed a certain level of secondary education. There are 3 levels of secondary education defined in the United States.

Elementary School

Children are tested before they enter school. He reveals their initial abilities and then, based on these data, the distribution is made into categories. Interestingly, this approach does not check how high the child's level of readiness is. The test is more aimed at identifying natural tendencies and abilities.

The education lasts for 5 years. The building where classes are usually held is small and located in a park. Subjects studied: reading, mathematics, art, labor, writing, geography, health, music, natural science, writing, physical education, native language and literature. One person teaches all subjects.

If a student has accumulated enough credits, he moves on to the next level.

Secondary School

This stage of education lasts three years. The process takes place in a different building, which is usually larger than the elementary school building. Here the student himself chooses the subjects he finds most important and interesting. Only Mathematics, English and Literature are required.

There are also career guidance courses for secondary school students to familiarize them with the available careers, their specific situation, the subjects they need to know and which university they will go to later in order to work in this field. This is an important element of the process because starting in high school, the child must eventually make a choice.

This stage of learning determines the future of the student. This is why this period is the most difficult and stressful. A child's ability to get into the college of his or her dreams and to organize his or her life according to his or her dreams depends on the outcome of this stage.

High school

High school is already the first step towards a future career, because at this stage it is necessary to choose a direction of study. It may be as follows.

  • Academic ;

  • General;

  • Commercial;

  • Agricultural.

  • Industrial.

The schedule depends on the chosen slope. Academic orientation with good grades gives the right to enter the university, the type of profile gives practical skills.

Advantages of studying in American schools

American education is valued throughout the world.

It is well known that the American diploma is one of the most prestigious diplomas in the world, and this applies to both bachelor's and master's degrees. This is why an American education is so popular and costs a lot of money. With an American school diploma, if you are smart and good at your job, you can easily find a job anywhere in the world. 2.

Quality of education.

The caliber of experts who teach in American schools is very high. Almost all teachers in the U.S. have PhDs. At top universities, your teacher may be a former president of a major bank, a former governor of the Federal Reserve, etc. Retiring from these positions allows people to rest on their laurels. But many are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Deep integration with employers.

This is a competitive advantage that sets the United States apart from other countries in terms of higher education. Representatives from large companies come to the school regularly to talk about the industry, share their experiences and exchange contacts. After the third year, each student is offered an internship in his field of interest. It provides new knowledge and experience. Those who do well in practice are invited to work after the fourth year.

the ability to track your progress independently.

Almost all schools have a Blackboard system. Each student has his own page where he records all the courses he has attended, enters all the grades, has information about all the assignments, etc.

The load was distributed throughout the study period.

In American schools, there are weekly tests that go through something that controls how students learn the material.

School Tuition

If you are permanently working and living in the United States, you can send your child to a free public school. However, most likely, your situation does not fit this description.

In this case, your path is to attend a private school. By the way, in most cases, these schools do not belong to any one particular person. These schools are owned by foundations, organizations, religious groups, but they are traditionally referred to as private.

Usually, the cost of studying in them immediately includes full board (accommodation, meals, etc.). Prices vary greatly! The cost of a year of full board education is $30,000. Moreover, it is  noticed that this is only the initial bet. The most famous and prestigious schools are 2 times more expensive or more!

Top U.S. Schools for Foreigners

Los Angeles, USA

Amerigo Education, Inc. is an association of ten elite private boarding schools located in different states in the United States. Amerigo Education offers academic programs to help prepare high school students for admission to top U.S. universities, including Ivy League schools. The education includes a variety of additional activities that provide opportunities to play sports at professional and amateur levels, help improve academic and language skills and adapt to the U.S. education system. It is a unique experience to study and live in the United States. However, the entry requirements are very high.

One of Amerigo Education's offices - Amerigo Los Angeles - is located in Los Angeles. The education is based at Bishop Montgomery High School, a private blended boarding school. This is a high school for students in grades 9-12 and was founded in 1957. The school has 13 sports divisions. The most talented students represent the school in regional and international competitions and receive athletic scholarships. Over 30 different interest clubs are dedicated to unleashing the creative and organizational potential of each student. A unique STEM curriculum helps you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of science, technology and math. 21 classes for creative people with a love of theater and fine arts showcasing talents in dance, acting and voice.

99% of Amerigo Los Angeles graduates succeed in colleges and universities that are among the top 100 best in the U.S. in fields such as: biology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, arts, and media. Amerigo Los Angeles students attend some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in California: UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Loyola Marymount and universities in other states.

Phillips Academy Andover

Phillips Academy Andover is a prestigious private school, ranked in the top 20 for AP classes, athletic section and SAT scores.

Educational institutions are selective: the selection committee chooses the best students from a large number of applications. Statistically, 87% of applicants are rejected.

Alumni include President George W. Bush, poet Oliver Holmes, New York Central Park designer Frederick Law Olmsted, and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

The school offers about 300 courses and 150 electives, ranging from choreography to molecular biology.

There are several institutes and research centers on campus where students work on their projects and conduct research. The school library is considered to be one of the best in the country.

During their time at Phillips Andover Academy, students can become professional athletes. The school has four teachers with medical education.

Red Bank Catholic High School

Red Bank Catholic High School is a private senior boarding school for boys and girls ages 14-18.

In addition to the standard 9-12 grade curriculum, the school offers ornithology courses, engineering courses, business courses and over 50 advanced subjects.

Successful students can participate in the Amerigo program. This is additional preparation for admission to one of the top 50 colleges in the United States. It includes individual sessions with mentors, college visits and meetings with admissions committees, essay writing assistance, and preparation for the ACT, SAT and TOEFL.

In 2020, 95% of graduates attend the top 100 colleges in the country. 75% of them receive educational scholarships.

CATS Academy Boston

CATS Academy Boston offers exciting and informative American high school programs (grades 9-12) to students from around the world. For over sixty years, the CEG Education Group, including the Academy, has been committed to the quality and relevance of education for students. CATS' ideal location - the College is located in Boston, the educational capital of the United States - allows you to talk not only about the quality of education, but also about your child's prospects: the most powerful universities in the world (MIT, Harvard, Boston) are fifteen minutes from CATS Academy is fifteen minutes away.

The college is also attractive to American students. The ability to appreciate and respect the traditions of other countries, to learn about new cultures, and the opportunity to interact with the best students from around the world - this appeals not only to children, but also to schools for parents who decide to send their children to an international school.

Hoosac School, USA

Hoosac School was founded in 1889 by the Episcopal School. Edward Dudley Tibbits on his family's property. The school opened with 19 students who graduated in 1890.

Today, the school's primary mission remains true to the philosophy of its founder: to develop the character, spirit, mind and body of each student, unleashing their full potential for success in college and university. At the school Dr. Edward Dudley Tibbits each student receives personal attention and help in everything.

The Thatcher School

Thatcher School was founded by Sherman Day Thatcher in the 19th century. According to the official account, Thatcher came to Petra's House Ranch for his brother, but was overwhelmed by the beauty and tranquility of the place and stayed forever. The key turning point in the school's establishment was the son of one of Thatcher's friends, who had to be prepared for admission to the prestigious Yale University.

Groton School

The Groton School is a prestigious private boarding school for boys and girls ages 13-18.

The school offers a curriculum for grades 8-12 that specifically prepares students for college.

In five years (2017-2021), over 90 Groton alumni have gone on to attend prestigious Ivy League schools.

The Taft School

The Taft School is a co-educational boarding school founded in 1890 by a Latin teacher at Yale University. Once founded for only 17 students, Taft is now a school for gifted children with more than 550 students from the United States and 28 other countries around the world. Taft is a high school with students ranging in age from 15 to 18 years old.

The school has more than 20 interest clubs. In general, the arts and sports are an important part of the school's curriculum, and the range of hobbies is expanding through them to develop a child's stamina and taste. The life of a Taft student is full of exciting events - concerts, exhibitions, performances and themed parties.

Phillips Exeter Academy

Phillips Exeter Academy is an elite private boarding school for boys and girls ages 15 to 18.

Phillips Exeter Academy ranks among the top 20 schools in the United States in terms of SAT test scores and the number of extracurricular activities and athletic departments.

Phillips Exeter Academy does not have the usual lectures and desks: learning is built through roundtable discussions.

The local library is the largest high school in the world.

The school is known for its fierce competition - 85% of applicants are rejected.

Its alumni include U.S. President Franklin Pierce, author Dan Brown, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, as well as 19 politicians, five senators, five Olympians, and two Nobel Prize winners.

Thirty percent of graduates go on to Ivy League schools, making up the majority of the student body.

The Winchendon School

Winchendon School is located in Winchendon, a small town 1.5 hours east of Boston. the city is known for its abundant greenery and friendly atmosphere. The center has both ponds - the Tannery and the Whitney.

Most of the education at the Winchendon School is dedicated to practice. The school has three special programs - Global Dynamics, ColLABs and the Service Learning Program. As part of these programs, schoolchildren learn about the modern world and local changes, and through teamwork, they master business, robotics and financial markets, revealing their career potential in a variety of internships with real companies. This approach helps develop competitive and motivated individuals with an active place in life.

Deerfield Academy

Deerfield Academy is one of the oldest private boarding schools in the United States.

This educational institution is considered to be one of the best for preparing for college. More than a quarter of its graduates receive offers from Ivy League schools, MIT and Stanford University.

The school is ranked in the top 20 for the number of advanced AP courses, athletic sections and SAT final exam scores.

Deerfield Academy is known for its fierce competition among applicants - only 17 percent manage to get in.

Alumni include King Abdullah II Ibn al-Hussein of Jordan, author John McPhee and actor Matthew Fox.

Hotchkiss School

Hotchkiss School is one of the most prestigious private boarding schools in the United States, offering a college preparatory program for students in grades 9-12. Thirteen percent of the school's students are foreigners, so they learn in a multicultural environment.

The school's curriculum includes more than 200 subjects to choose from, so each student can develop a schedule that perfectly matches his or her interests and career plans. Small classes: Classes are usually no more than 12 students, so teachers pay attention to each individual. At the same time, the group is large enough for group projects, debates, and public presentations - classes are conducted in a workshop and discussion format.

Students will receive ongoing academic support. Career advisors hold regular individual meetings to help determine students' abilities and interests in order to establish the most appropriate educational path. They accompany each student at all stages of their enrollment, so these individuals will feel confident, set bold goals and succeed in achieving them. In addition, academic mentors advise young people on time management, self-discipline and effective learning strategies.

The school offers many opportunities to develop their abilities. Children can join one of the 60 sports teams, orchestras and dance groups, attend film festivals, see their work in art exhibitions and join various interest clubs where you can not only spend time but also make good friends.

The Village School

Village School is the only boarding school in the Houston area that offers the International Baccalaureate program to its students. It was founded in 1966 as a private kindergarten and opened its Upper School in 2008, graduating for the first time in 2012.

Graduates attend prestigious universities such as MIT, UCLA and the University of San Diego, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, and Boston University.

Today, The Village School is an international school whose goal is to educate young people who can think critically and communicate effectively.

Windermere Preparatory School

Windermere Preparatory School has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best private schools in the country. Everything here is subordinated to the goal of developing children's potential through an individualized approach to learning and genuine care by teachers, who are often referred to as second parents by their students.

The school has a magnificent set of state-of-the-art facilities in the areas of education, creativity, physical development, extra-curricular activities and social events that support the development and motivation of the school's young students. A significant advantage of the school is that it is part of the Meritas family group - an international organization that unites elite schools in the United States and Europe.

The primary mission of Windermere Preparatory is to create an environment that encourages students to develop integrity, honesty, trust, self-esteem, self-discipline, respect and concern for others. The school's teachers and staff do everything possible to make your stay at Windermere Preparatory School fun and safe.

The serious academic preparation of the school's students is evidenced by consistently high scores on exams. For example, 78% of the students successfully passed the IB exams. During its short existence, Windermere Preparatory School has been able to prepare students for more than 150 universities and higher education institutions.

Amerigo Napa Valley

Amerigo Napa Valley is a unique concept in Amerigo education. International students attend Justin Siena High School, an American boarding school, from grade 9 to grade 12. Eighty percent of the student body is American, with the remaining 20 percent being students from around the world. Justin Siena High School is a Catholic school founded in 1966. One of the distinguishing characteristics of American Catholic schools is multi-faithism. The school is open to bright, academically, socially and athletically motivated international students, regardless of their religious affiliation.

The school is located 100 miles from Napa Valley, known for its vineyards. from San Francisco. The ideal climate of the region makes staying at the school as comfortable as possible.

Justn-Siena High School belongs to the highest school category in the Niche rating - A+. It is one of the 100 best schools in California according to the Best Private Schools rating.

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