Top 5 reasons to study in the USA

The U.S. Education System

Unlike many countries, the United States does not have a single educational program: in general, the program forms the board of education under the state government, or more precisely, the board …


Boys' schools in the USA

The American School System

The first step is elementary school. In some educational institutions there is a zero class, known in German as kindergarten, which literally means nursery school but is actually the year of …


Girls' schools in the USA

The schooling system in the United States

Elementary School

Elementary education of American children begins at the age of 6-7. It all depends on the laws of the particular state or school the child attends. …


Language courses in USA

Advantages of U.S. Language Programs

English language programs in the United States include active immersion in a new language and cultural environment, as well as constant interaction with students from different countries. This provides a …


How to prepare for a school in USA

 Studying in an American school not only helps to gain knowledge and certificates that will help to enter a local university, but also to adapt to the country and participate in the educational process. But …


Fees for schools in USA for international students

Types of Schools in the United States

Elementary School Education

Children start school at age 5-6. Many first attend kindergarten or grade zero. Elementary school programs are designed to develop and educate. Children are taught …


Secondary education in USA: top schools to consider

Most children in the United States (about 87%) receive their secondary education in free public schools, but there are also private schools, where about 10% of U.S. students are enrolled.

Almost all private schools in …


8 high schools in USA: rankings and fees

Let's start with the fact that the state is mainly involved in American education. There are three levels of funding and control of educational institutions: federal, state and local governments. Each state in the United …


10 secondary schools in USA: rankings and fees

Children from all over the world come to study in American boarding schools. The vast territory and the many states located in different climatic zones with different traditions, values and standards of living make it …


Send my kid to a boarding school in USA: 10 tips for parents

Over the centuries of its existence, private education has developed a sophisticated industry in major Western countries, with supply, demand and regulatory bodies assessing the quality of the services provided.

Private high schools in the …

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