Send my kid to a boarding school in USA: 10 tips for parents

Over the centuries of its existence, private education has developed a sophisticated industry in major Western countries, with supply, demand and regulatory bodies assessing the quality of the services provided.

Private high schools in the United States are also particularly valuable because their mission is to maximize the child's potential. To help him learn to learn, to solve independently the problems that lie before him, to identify the child's interests and to support his efforts.

Secondary Education in U.S. Private Boarding Schools

The U.S. secondary education system is represented by both public and private schools. The latter account for just over 10% of all educational institutions. Foreign students can study in both public and private schools in the United States. However, in both cases you have to pay for education - in the USA there is no free secondary education for non-citizens of the country. There is a legitimate question here about choosing an educational institution.

Public schools are much cheaper than private schools. However, the quality of education is extremely uneven. There are also some immigration restrictions: foreign students can participate in exchange programs and study in public schools, but only for one year. The program is open to children between the ages of 15 and 18. Another important aspect is the rating of the schools themselves. When enrolling in university, good grades in a public school will not be as important as the average grades obtained in a prestigious private school. And since most schoolchildren come to the U.S. precisely to make up for the differences in educational programs and to continue their studies in American universities, the choice of private schools becomes obvious. Depending on ability and opportunity, you can study only in your final year, or attend a full high school program - that is, from 9th to 12th grade.

Advantages of U.S. Boarding Schools

According to statistics, 90% of boarding school graduates in the United States go on to the top universities in the country, the UK and the world: Cambridge, Imperial College London, Warwick, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Brown, etc.

A well-established program is underway, designed to fully prepare students for entry into universities in all disciplines. Personal tutors and coaches work with the child; they provide career guidance counseling, help with college selection, majors, drafting admissions documents, etc. Many universities are interested in students from such schools, so they come to educational institutions to make presentations and invite interested children

There is no need to find housing. When you send your child to a boarding school in the United States, you can not worry about where he is and what he is doing. Usually, students live in a residential area on the territory of the educational institution, where they are taken care of not only by teachers, but also by educators and other staff. During the weekdays, in addition to classes, children participate in sports and hobby groups and do their homework. On weekends and holidays, they participate in activities, hikes and trips organized by the school

  • High professionalism and experience of the teachers and the whole team

  • The curriculum provides high quality and modern knowledge to get you into a top university

  • Small class sizes, 6-15 students, allowing teachers to focus on each individual

First-class classroom facilities, the school often has science labs, art studios, design studios, music schools, computer classes with Apple technology, children visit the latest sports centers and use the excellent grounds for team games. In general, the campuses create their own infrastructure to help children relax and feel safe. Some school gardens are in full bloom, with vegetable gardens and special play areas

The programs address the overall development of both boys and girls, so they include not only academic studies, but also sports, art, music, science, intellectual games, etc. Graduates are confident in themselves and their abilities, they are able to think critically and make decisions, analyze their environment and conduct research, they have leadership qualities and know what they want out of life

Children from high-income families study in schools like this one in the United States, which creates a decent environment for your child.

How to choose a school in the United States?

First, it is worth deciding on the state and city of study, and it is important to understand that in many schools in large cities, places are limited and prices are higher

At what age do you plan to send your child to school? Usually foreign students can start in middle school or high school (junior high and high school), depending on the school

Analyze information on the official website: student performance (average SAT scores), who are the teachers, where graduates go, accommodation options, etc. for this school in the USA

It is important to check the list of subjects in which students at a particular school are particularly strong and compare them with your child's interests. Find out which subjects are available for in-depth study so that students are better prepared to enter their chosen profession

Re-check the program and whether the school has only middle or upper grades that may offer a preparatory year for entering college. Agree that it is not a good idea to move a child from one school to another so he can earn a U.S. high school diploma.

Detail what is included in the cost of education and what additional costs are required: short trips, additional extracurricular activities of interest to your child, trips, school uniforms, study materials, etc.

Find information about the sports sections and circles offered by the school. There are institutions that specialize in ballet, theater arts, tennis, and soccer, providing ample opportunities for students to pursue careers in certain fields.

Find out if the school's language program, English for Expatriates (ESL) program is included in the price, or if it is an add-on option

Find out what programs are offered to children during school vacations, they usually last only 5 days and it is not reasonable to fly home for such a short period of time

Analyze all the information received and highlight a few schools you like

Research the complexity of new student admissions and requirements, what needs to be submitted and by what date

Make a final list. Expert advice includes 2 schools that are out of reach (anyone's dream), 2 others where your child has a good chance of enrolling, and 2 others as backups

Cost of studying at a private school in the US

Boarding school education is expensive, often comparable to the cost of education at a higher education institution. On average, a year of study at a private school will cost $10,000. The price includes tuition and full board accommodations.

However, there are ways to significantly reduce costs. Most schools offer financial aid to students: it is allocated both to students with high academic performance (based on performance) and to families experiencing financial difficulties (based on need). Scholarships can reduce the cost of study by a factor of 2-3.

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