Language courses in USA

Advantages of U.S. Language Programs

English language programs in the United States include active immersion in a new language and cultural environment, as well as constant interaction with students from different countries. This provides a range of benefits.

Development of all language skills: Only in a language environment can you learn to speak with real ease and comfort, without an accent. Learning English in the United States allows you to enrich your vocabulary not with standard phrases from textbooks, but with a variety of phraseological units and phrases that native speakers actively use in live communication. Through constant practice, you will begin to speak English fluently, not only in an academic setting, but also outside of school.

New friends: Learning English in the United States is a great way to expand your circle of friends and acquaintances. You are sure to find like-minded people among your classmates.

Development of communication skills: Through active communication with your classmates in the classroom and at school events, you will learn how to establish effective communication and find common ground with completely different people. In the future, this will help you build relationships quickly in college or with new teams at work.

Improve self-esteem: When taking English courses in the United States, students find themselves in an unfamiliar environment. In order to successfully adapt to the new environment, he has to mobilize all his inner strengths and knowledge - which makes him more confident and motivates him to achieve new levels of academic success.

Career opportunities: The language course in the USA is your chance to do an internship with a reputable international company and have further employment prospects. You will be put into a working environment, acquire professional vocabulary and practice your communication skills in a real company. This will give you the opportunity to start a career abroad.

English Language Programs in the U.S.

Language programs in the United States are designed for those whose goal is to learn modern English quickly and with high quality and earn a diploma or certificate. Depending on the student's goals, language schools in the United States offer a wide range of programs.

One of the most popular destinations is the General English program, which can easily be combined with leisure, excursions or sports. 

For those planning more ambitious programs, intensive English courses are offered in the United States. In this case, the number of courses increases, and for better results, additional individual lessons can be taken with the teacher.

For students whose language needs are related to their professional assignments, English schools in the U.S. offer business English courses, international TOEFL preparation courses, and general preparation courses for advanced study at universities in English-speaking countries.

In short, no matter what you're coming to the U.S. for, it's not hard to find the right language program!

Getting into a U.S. Language Program

To enter a U.S. language school, applicants need to gather a package of documents, which includes

  • An application form.

  • A copy of the complete page of the passport.

  • Receipts for payment of tuition and school registration fees.

At the beginning, the student passes a special test (written and oral) which helps the teacher to determine the level of knowledge of English. As a result of the work, the process is divided into groups.

Online tests can be taken before the trip. The language school that offers these tests administers them several times and monitors the progress of each student.

In the classroom, students at the school are in constant contact with the teacher and each other to develop spoken English. In addition, the education includes

  • constant execution of tasks and exercises.

  • learning grammar.

  • note-taking.

  • writing essays and prose

  • Listening to lectures


How much do English courses cost in the USA?

Many students think that language courses in the USA are very expensive. This is not entirely true. The cost of studying English in the USA varies greatly. It depends on the course itself, the location, and the season. Students' own preferences also have an impact: the final cost of an English course in the US is influenced by the type of accommodation, meals, leisure spending and air travel courses.

Budget options for studying English in the U.S. cost $1500-2000 per week for a course. Intensive can cost 2-3 times more. Single lessons can cost $50-$100 per lesson.

Also, it should be noted that many language schools in the US encounter students and regularly hold seasonal promotions that can book English courses in the US for 20-40% less than usual.

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