Boys' schools in the USA

The American School System

The first step is elementary school. In some educational institutions there is a zero class, known in German as kindergarten, which literally means nursery school but is actually the year of preparation for school.

After elementary school (about 5th-6th grade), middle school (secondary school) begins, and students in 8th-9th grade enter the final stage, high school, for another 3 years.

This is the end of compulsory secondary education in the United States. Since this stage is mandatory, it is free for all citizens of the country. Wealthy Americans can afford private schools, of which there are about 3,000 nationwide. There is a higher level of education, better technical equipment, and more attention to each student. Graduates of private schools more often than others go on to prestigious universities and subsequently to senior positions. Tuition fee starts at $35,000 per year and can be paid for in semesters.

Because the United States is one of the world's financial centers, many parents planning business and finance careers for their children send them to this country. For those who intend to attend one of the prestigious universities in the U.S., it is also recommended to get educated at private schools in the U.S.: Ivy League schools and other universities. Children between the ages of 12 and 18 (grades 6-12) can be educated in American schools.

In addition to the major academic subjects, private school programs designed to develop the whole student include dance, performing, visual arts and athletic eduaction. Interest clubs and electives work at the school.

The duration of the school program is from one to five years. During their studies, children live in student dormitories, usually in rooms for one or two people. The language skills required can vary greatly from school to school. Most require a good level of English (intermediate and above), but some do not because their school program includes ESL classes - English as a Foreign Language. The applicant's academic performance is given sufficient weight. To get into certain schools, you need to pass language and math tests - SSAT, SLEP, TOEFL.

Benefits of U.S. Private Schools for Boys

  • Great Prospects

  • Young men excel in final exams and gain admission to prestigious U.S. universities, including Ivy League institutions of higher education.

  • Extensive opportunities for self-realization in sports

  • Boys' schools in the U.S. have amazing athletic opportunities and offer the chance to try out a variety of sports.

  • Strong Academic Background

  • A balanced academic program and the opportunity to take advanced AP courses are hallmarks of America's boys' schools.

  • Career Prospects

  • As a rule, graduates from America's Boys Schools have been successful in politics, the military, business, medicine and law.

  • Excellent Consistent Performance

  • 95% of students continue their education at the school after their first year of study.

  • Strong faculty

American School for Boys Admission Requirements

Each school independently determines the admissions process and requirements for applicants. Typically, the more prestigious the educational institution, the longer the list of admissions requirements and the higher the passing score. However, there are some commonalities.

The packet of documents that must be collected by students who want to enter a U.S. school must include

  • Results of language (TOEFL) and/or general academic (SSAT) tests.

  • A list of 2-3 years of grades from the last place of study.

  • Often, U.S. schools will also require 1-2 letters of recommendation and motivation (essays) from teachers.

  • Sometimes you may need to.

  • Pass an additional test in a major subject (e.g., math).

  • Submit a portfolio of creative work.

After the school administration considers all documents and makes a preliminary decision about the applicant, he will have an interview with the admissions committee of the educational institution. The communication can take place on site - directly at the school, or via Skype.

How to prepare for admission to an American school for boys

Due to the very specific requirements for applicants, it is unlikely that you will be able to enter a school in the USA without additional preparation.

There are several ways to improve your English, practice for exams, write essays and adapt to the study abroad format.

Language schools

The vast majority of language centers offer special preparation courses for all types of exams, the results of which may be required for entry into U.S. schools. Some properly accredited educational institutions offer the opportunity to take the exam at the end of education.

Language Camps

A great way to prepare for school in the United States is to attend an American language camp. Spending two to three weeks in the U.S. with a professional native-speaking teacher will help you improve your English quickly and adjust to an unfamiliar environment. Of course, it is best to choose a camp at the school where you will be enrolled. So you can kill two birds with one stone - not only will you improve your English, but you'll also get a closer look at the educational institution and get an inside look at how the school works.

School prep programs

Some private schools interested in attracting foreigners offer their own preparatory programs specifically for applicants from abroad. This type of program usually lasts no more than one year. It includes intensive English classes and sometimes other subjects from the school's curriculum. Successful completion of a matriculation program is usually a guarantee of admission to an educational institution.

Attending school in the United States is always a long process. It begins with choosing an educational institution. Today there are about 30,000 private schools in the United States, which differ from each other in their educational orientation, educational programs and teaching methods. Navigating through the many attractive options can be difficult for an unprepared person. To find the most appropriate educational institution for your child, it is best to seek the help of a qualified professional.

How do boarding school students live?

Schoolchildren live in a residence with 1-3 people in one room. In addition to the living room, there is a game room, recreation room and sports room. In each dormitory, educators are on duty 24/7, they maintain order and help the children with their chores. The boys eat in the dining room, but there is also a separate kitchen where you can make your own snacks and tea.

The schoolchildren's free time is filled with educational and recreational activities. Students regularly visit museums, galleries, play paintball, go to the movies and go karting.

Average cost of a boys' school in the United States

Naturally there are data on the cost of attending a private high school in the United States: according to the data, the national average is $12,603 in 2022.

In addition to the program itself, parents have to pay for food and insurance, textbooks, uniforms, participation in cultural activities, creative activities, additional English classes, etc. for their children. Of course, the cost of education is influenced by the number of classes, the quality of infrastructure, living conditions in boarding apartments and the level of professionalism of teachers by the equipment.

In 20212, the average cost of education is $11,596 (for a full year) for elementary school and $16,077 for high school.

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