8 high schools in USA: rankings and fees

Let's start with the fact that the state is mainly involved in American education. There are three levels of funding and control of educational institutions: federal, state and local governments. Each state in the United States, whether Alaska or Rhode Island, has its own education laws. However, the major trends and structures are not difficult to identify.

How High Schools in the United States Work

High school in the United States (HS) is the highest level of secondary education, covering grades 9 through 12 in U.S. schools. Thus, study in a U.S. high school lasts 4 years and leads to a U.S. high school diploma.

High school education in the United States involves the study of a number of required subjects and several elective subjects. Instruction is conducted entirely in English.

Required subjects include: English, mathematics, science, history and physical education. They are supplemented by optional subjects that students can choose for themselves based on their future plans for college study. The list of optional subjects traditionally available depends on the particular school. For example, these subjects may include art, agriculture, business, journalism, foreign languages, etc.

For 4 years of high school study, students must earn approximately 100 study hours in 7-8 subjects and earn 20 to 25 credits. Traditionally, compliance with these targets is monitored not only by the students, but also by the school itself.

After 12th grade in high school, students can take the SAT or ACT final exams, which are also college entrance exams. Those. The results of these exams are considered by universities when recruiting students. Non-native English speaking foreigners will also need to pass the IELTS or TOEFL language test to enter college after high school.

If desired, post-high school students can take a year-long Advanced Placement (AP) course. It offers the opportunity for in-depth subject knowledge and additional language education, as well as the advantage of admission to some of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

Types of U.S. High Schools

There are two main types of high schools in the United States.

Public Schools

Education in U.S. public schools is free, but its quality varies depending on the particular educational institution. The number of foreigners studying in U.S. public high schools is relatively small.

Like Americans, only those foreigners who have moved to the U.S. permanently with other family members can study in these schools. Also, students cannot choose their own school, but are determined to go to the educational institution nearest to their place of enrollment.

All other foreign nationals may study in U.S. public schools for no more than one year and only through special exchange programs and strictly selective competitive programs.

Private Schools

Private high schools in the United States are characterized by large numbers of foreign students, high quality education, and preparation for future admission to universities in that country. Many private schools have their own campuses and student housing, more like universities in the United States.

There are currently 34,576 private schools of all sizes and focuses in the United States. Also, there are both coeducational schools and more closed boarding schools.

The majority of foreign students in the United States attend private schools. Their learning process is largely tailored specifically to foreigners, who are more receptive to learning and more attentive to them.

Best High Schools in USA

Mater Dei Catholic High School

Mater Dei Catholic High School was founded in 1960 in Chula Vista, California, as part of Amerigo, the strongest school association in the United States. Education is offered under the AP and Dual Enrollment programs, with 23 tracks, and outstanding students can take the complex Honors Track program and participate in the Global Scholars program.

The new modern campus, completed in 2007, covers 20 hectares with a total educational building area of almost 10,000 square meters. The Microsoft Showcase School system operates in the district, similar to the Apple Genious Bar, and is designed for schools that actively use advanced technology in their educational process.

Cost of study at Mater Dei Catholic High School starts at $74,200

Justin Siena High School

Justin Siena High School opened in 1966 in Napa Valley, California. Listed in the prestigious Association of Schools Amerigo. offers AP and honors courses (33 directions and more than 100 subjects in these courses) for students aged 14-18. The school is known for its strong education in precise science and engineering - classrooms and science labs on campus are equipped with modern equipment and everything needed to conduct practical research and scientific experiments. Students can participate in Project Lead the Way (PLTW), a four-year engineering program designed specifically for American high schools.

Foreign students are required to take English classes (at least 10 hours per week) and participate in the University Advantage program (preparation for admission), Honors Track (a scholarship to spend 1 year at a university for outstanding academic achievement) and Global Scholars (summer) internships at Stanford University and the University of Chicago).

The Justin Siena High School arts program is designed and awarded by professional artists, choreographers and musicians (many of whom have been involved in world-famous Broadway shows).

The school's athletic orientation features 45 teams coached by experienced coaches, many of whom have established successful athletic careers themselves.

Justin Siena High School Tuition From 79800 $

English stones. Asylum X High School

English stones. Pius X High School (SPX) is a private high school that opened in 1956 in Houston (USA) as part of the Amerigo chain of leading schools. It enrolls students between the ages of 14 and 18, with about 5% of the student body coming from abroad.

The school offers AP, honors (more than 100 courses in these programs) and dual enrollment courses in which students earn parallel credit that counts toward a bachelor's degree program at a college or university. SPX has strong education in the subjects. In addition, Engineer Your World, a unique engineering program developed in conjunction with NASA and the University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering, has been singled out. This program is ranked #11 on the list of top engineering programs in the United States.

All students participate in a 4-year University Advantage program to prepare them for admission. Graduates are guaranteed admission to one of the top 50 universities in the U.S., but must meet certain academic achievement requirements. In addition, as part of the Global Scholars Program, all students can participate in a summer internship at Stanford or Chicago.

The most successful students receive an invitation to a special Amerigo Honors Track program, where they actively prepare for further study in college - they learn to write essays, write resumes and pass career guidance tests. Students who receive an invitation to the program commit to all additional activities and preparatory events that confirm level and eligibility each year. Successful completion of the program guarantees admission to one of Amerigo's top 50 partner universities. Graduates who choose a university from the TOP-30 or a university from the TOP-10 will receive a $15,000 scholarship.

Starting with a foreign language, students can choose to study French, Spanish or Latin. In addition, students can choose to take elective courses, 20 sports teams and participate in 30 interest club classes.

On weekends, children join curators and teachers for educational excursions, site visits, cultural and sporting events. Long trips were organized on Thanksgiving Eve or during spring break.

Cost of study at St. Pius X High School starts from $70,850

Red Bank Catholic High School

Red Bank Catholic High School is a private high school that opened in 1880 in New Jersey, not far from New York. It is part of Amerigo, one of the leading school chains in the United States. Approximately 800 students, including foreigners, attend the school. AP and honors courses are offered, including 47 courses ranging from marine science to business, a strong STEAM program, and a range of unique courses such as engineering and CADD (computer and design programming). In some subjects, students can earn credits that will later be credited to the college or university. French, Spanish and Latin can be studied from foreign languages. Foreign students attend English classes (minimum 10 hours per week).

The university offers unique programs.

NestWatch, Cornell University's (#17) ornithology lab program, provides students with the opportunity to experience ecology and conduct research through classes and hands-on work.

AP Dance courses (available as electives in the main curriculum) include ballet, dance of the world's people, theater, contemporary, jazz, choreography, rhythm, and coordination.

The extensive fashion studies program includes three courses in fashion marketing and product promotion.

Grade 12 students have a unique opportunity to gain work experience in their future field of activity - they are interning with Red Bank Catholic graduates who have already found themselves in the industry. Popular internships include accounting, journalism, medicine, law, business, and fashion.

In addition to face-to-face courses, the school offers the Global Alliance Virtual Learning Service, which contains more than 300 courses in other disciplines (optional).

The school's campus is equipped according to the principles of a university. This allows students to adapt to college life while still in high school. Children have free access to science labs and computer classes equipped with the latest technology, 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, libraries and media libraries.

Graduates have excellent test scores and perform well above the national average. Students from Red Bank Catholic High School attend the nation's top universities, including Yale, Brown and Princeton.

Tuition at Red Bank Catholic High School starts at $70,850

Bishop Montgomery High School

Bishop Montgomery High School is part of the prestigious, reputable and academically strong Amerigo family of schools. It opened in Torrance, California in 1957. offers high school education for students ages 14 to 18 in AP and honors courses (over 100 courses), a unique engineering, architecture and construction ACE program developed in conjunction with Del Amo Construction, and a strong engineering project lead program in STEAM disciplines. For students interested in sports medicine, Bishop Montgomery High School will offer an internship under the guidance of a school mentor.

The school's creative curriculum portfolio includes 21 courses in visual and performing arts. Students present their work at an annual arts festival in the spring. The theater company puts on three full-length plays each year.

Foreign students study English daily and can take individual classes or additional classes on complex topics.

Bishop Montgomery School is located near the coast, no more than a half-hour drive to Los Angeles. In addition to the classroom curriculum, students have many opportunities for additional study, sports, recreation and entertainment, cultural trips and excursions. This allows students to learn more about American culture, build relationships with peers from other countries, and adjust to the new conditions of campus life. For all questions, a highly qualified Amerigo staff member is available 24/7 to contact you.

Tuition at Bishop Montgomery High School starts at $76,500

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