8 best schools for English in USA

Benefits of studying English in the United States

Develop all language skills: Only in a linguistic environment can you learn to speak with real ease and comfort, without an accent. Learning English in the United States will allow you to enrich your vocabulary not with standard phrases from textbooks, but with a variety of phraseological units and phrases that native speakers actively use in live communication. Through constant practice, you will begin to speak English fluently, not only in an academic setting, but also outside of school.

New friends: Learning English in the United States is a great way to expand your circle of friends and acquaintances. You are sure to find like-minded people among your classmates.

Development of communication skills: Through active communication with your classmates in the classroom and at school events, you will learn how to establish effective communication and find common ground with completely different people. In the future, this will help you build relationships quickly in college or with new teams at work.

Improve self-esteem: When taking English courses in the United States, students find themselves in an unfamiliar environment. In order to successfully adapt to the new environment, he has to mobilize all his inner strengths and knowledge - which makes him more confident and motivates him to achieve new levels of academic success.

Career opportunities: The language course in the USA is your chance to do an internship with a reputable international company and have further employment prospects. You will be put into a working environment, acquire professional vocabulary and practice your communication skills in a real company. This will give you the opportunity to start a career abroad.

Why study a language course in the USA

First of all, it is not until you find yourself overseas and see all the realities of the United States with your own eyes that you will decide to make a change in your life. Come look around and you will be able to come up with and implement your own plans related to studying or working in the United States.

If you don't have an ambitious goal and just want to travel and improve your English at the same time, then the standard courses (General English or Travel and Culture) will be for you. Study 18 hours a week (up to 4 hours a day) and spend the rest of your time hiking, walking, watching movies, etc. In addition, many companies that accept certificates are also awarded by the school at the end of the course.

This document describes all the results you have achieved: the level of written and spoken English you now have, the extent to which you read and understand spoken English. By attaching it to your resume, you can safely count on a new position or job that requires knowledge of English!

Pursuing higher education in the U.S. after completing a language program

English language schools in the United States are not only under strict state control, they also require accreditation. In addition to this, many of these excellent educational institutions partner with universities to make it easier for their students to enroll further. This applies to specialized long-term programs where they teach not only English but also how to properly write essays, take lecture notes, and take short trips to universities, including meetings with admissions committees.

Once you walk into a language school class, you are sure to meet students who are aiming to further their studies in the U.S. Talking to them, you can learn many useful things, learn subtleties that were previously unknown, and adjust your plans.

Cost of studying language school in the United States

Many people think that learning a language in the United States is too expensive and that only the very wealthy can afford it. The cost of studying a language course in the United States is based on several indicators.

Firstly, it depends on the chosen course (intensive or individual courses are more expensive than regular courses)

Second, the cost from where the school is located - for example, studying in New York or in the southern states of the country will cost more for adult students than in smaller cities

Third, peak seasons have an impact on costs - prices are highest on New Year's Day

In addition, costs such as accommodation and meals are factored into the total cost.

In general, prices for English language courses in the U.S. range from $652 to $1,000 for 2 weeks of study (these are options for standard courses, the rest cost more). The cost of a lesson is approximately $50-$100. In addition, the prices shown do not take into account the funds needed to purchase airline tickets and to process visas.

Top Language Schools in the US

California Language Institute Los Angeles

The most welcoming home school in Los Angeles offers a high quality education and culturally enriching programs.


The teachers at California Language Institute in Los Angeles not only teach English, but do so in a way that is of interest to everyone. When the weather is nice, you can practice English outside the classroom with native speakers in real-life situations as part of your regular classes, with the support of your teacher.

California Language Institute San Diego

A small home school in one of the most pleasant climate American cities.

California Language Institute San Diego is located in downtown San Diego, a 5-minute walk from the Gaslamp district, near Coronado Beach and La Jolla Shores.

OHLA Miami

OHLA is located in the heart of the resort town of Miami, Florida.

OHLA Miami Language School is located in Brickell, Miami's financial district. Brickell is a dense high-rise residential area with upscale luxury condominiums and apartment buildings. Described as "South Manhattan", Brickell is home to the largest concentration of international banks in the United States as well as many popular restaurants, stores and entertainment venues.

Just west of the school, students will find Mary Brickell Village, a small French-style neighborhood with numerous restaurants, cafes, and boutiques that attract locals and visitors alike for a variety of social events and entertainment.

OHLA Miami has been recognized as the "Best Language School in Miami" for seven consecutive years.

OHLA Miami students have access to state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities. The school is located near the coast.

FLS Boston Commons

FLS Boston Commons is located near the park in downtown Boston, one of the premier student cities in the United States.

FLS Boston Commons is right in the heart of downtown, overlooking Boston Park, the city's famous park and gardens.

Kaplan International English - Central Park, New York

Let New York's most famous park be your classroom and experience the city that never sleeps in the heart of Manhattan!

Central Park is a favorite spot for New Yorkers themselves and is perfect for experiencing the city's atmosphere. When you study at Kaplan International English School - Central Park, New York, just minutes away from the park, you will always be in the heart of New York. Thanks to this location, you can easily get around the city, but you can always spend time in the park, walking or learning English. The new Kaplan School is equipped with the latest technology and everything you need for an unforgettable learning experience.

EC Boston

Boston's prestigious EC network of schools has been in operation since 1992 and is located in the historic center of the city.

EC Boston's approach to teaching has been honed by more than 30 years of experience and focuses on providing relevant and engaging material in a friendly and inclusive manner. The mechanism for connecting with students from around the world and learning the language through lively and interesting conversations.

Mentor Language Institute Westwood

Mentor Language Institute Westwood offers students the unique opportunity to learn English and immerse themselves in American culture!

Conveniently located just steps from the Beverly Hills area, students can easily immerse themselves in the beautiful and vibrant life of Westwood after school.

Mentor Language Institute Westwood offers English language programs for those who wish to strengthen their knowledge and feel confident in their academic, professional and personal environment.

Kings Los Angeles 

Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood) is located in the entertainment capital of the world and offers high quality English language instruction.

Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood) is located in the heart of Hollywood, surrounded by some of the world's most famous landmarks such as Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios and the Hollywood Sign.

At Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood), in addition to learning English, students can participate in a variety of activities: beach volleyball, film club, hiking, shopping, barbecues, outdoor movies.

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