Top 15 language camps in USA for summer

Language Camps in the United States - Study Programs

Summer education in the USA can take place either in a big city or nature - it all depends on the chosen educational institution. Often, depending on the location and available infrastructure, summer English schools in the United States develop their own unique programs.

For example, children and teens vacationing under the California Summer Program will learn about the major attractions of the State: Hollywood and Santa Barbara, the Grand Canyon and the San Diego Zoo, and kids can surf on the beaches of Malibu and shop in Beverly Hills. The Pace University School in Manhattan, located in the heart of New York City. 

As for the language practice itself, every child's summer camp in the United States offers a mandatory curriculum. For about 20 hours a week, experienced teachers work with the children. In most cases, lessons are conducted in small groups. With such a schedule, students have enough free time to communicate, which allows them to adapt to the English environment in a short period of time.

Depending on the age of the students, English for Kids USA is taught either in a fun way (for younger children) or in a more academic way (for teenagers). But in any case, there is a great deal of attention paid to grammar, vocabulary, correct structure of phrases and consolidation of material during various activities in schools and camps. These include role-playing games and quizzes, as well as discos, sports, hikes, and meetings with interesting people. There is no doubt that summer vacation in the United States will be one of the most important and profitable investments in your child's future.

Advantages of Summer Camps in the United States

The United States is not the most common destination for children's vacations. The main reasons for this are the remoteness of the country and the complexity of air travel. Another reason they usually choose the familiarity of Europe is the misconception of the difficulty of obtaining a visa. Meanwhile, the introduction of biometric technology has made U.S. visas easier to obtain than some European visas. U.S. visas are issued for a long period of time - usually 3 years, or even 10 years. European countries will issue visas for children strictly for the duration of their travel. Yes, it is easier to renew a U.S. visa than a Schengen country when it expires: just send the documents by mail.

The United States should not be ignored, despite the distances and hardships of the flight, only this country is so useful for the horizons and education of children. In the United States, almost every university and college offers sports and academic courses for schoolchildren in the summer, which is not even available in Europe yet. So, if your child is interested in chemistry, astronomy or dreams of becoming an architect - send him to summer school in the USA and you won't regret it.

Those who are passionate about modern technology, creativity or want to start a business should also go to the USA: here you can learn about the latest achievements in electrical engineering, robotics, 3D printing and coding. Here you can learn the secrets of producing works and releasing your own CDs or making your own films, calculating business plans and starting a business correctly, understanding what is the stock exchange and hedging business risks.

In general, there are programs in the USA in absolutely any direction - from taekwondo internships to saving endangered animals in protected areas. Most importantly, participation in such a program will give your child the opportunity to earn credits without which it would be impossible to get into a prestigious school!!!

Taking into account the stability of the socio-economic situation, crime rates, the level of terrorist threats, personal safety, political stability, and quality of life, the United States is firmly in the lead in the ranking of quality of life countries healthcare and education, climate conditions, and the threat of natural disasters.

U.S. Summer School Accommodations

Typically, U.S. summer camps offer one or more accommodation options: campus, city residence, summer residence (usually a residential building on a college or university campus), and homestay.

Camp Accommodations

For students who are going to a U.S. summer camp for the first time or who do not have a high level of English, it is  recommended choosing accommodations within the territory of your educational institution. Therefore, you will not have to waste time on the road, the difficulty of purchasing transportation tickets, the danger of getting through the required stops or getting lost in the city will be excluded. Children under 14 years of age must live on campus or be transported by school bus.

As a rule, younger children live in rooms for 3-4 people, older children - two or three people. Showers and toilets are usually in the room, sometimes on the floor. Girls and boys are always housed separately, sometimes even in different buildings. Camp administrators never put children who speak the same language together - even if they are relatives or friends. This does not include communicating in their native language and forcing them to practice English as much as possible.

For older and independent teens 15 and older, it is  recommended that you look carefully at city and summer residences or choose a host family.

City Homes

Townhomes are often homes for students in university summer schools or language programs, expanding the social circle. Townhomes are located in busy, prestigious areas, 30-60 minutes from the camp. The buildings are usually guarded 24/7 and their strict schedule requires students under the age of 16 to return no later than 21 hours and students who have not yet turned 18 to return no later than 22 hours.

Summer Homes

Summer homes are usually residential buildings on U.S. college campuses that educational institutions rent out during the summer while their students are already home for the summer. For those coming from camp, this is a unique opportunity to get to know the atmosphere of one of America's most prestigious universities. U.S. college campuses are well maintained and in many cases very beautiful. Many American universities feature classes that continue even in the summer - some students want to finish their courses faster or study several subjects in more depth. It is perhaps here, after meeting with students and professors, that the child will first look to his professional future.

Host Families

Staying with a host family is a special and valuable experience that will help you better understand how everyday American life and living works. As a rule, camp participants stay in rooms for 1, 2, and rarely 3 people, with access to laundry and internet, utilities and equipment, and may even include a mini-gym or swimming pool.

Kids Camps in the U.S. - The Cost of Education

The cost of an vacation is quite affordable, even for those with moderate incomes. On average, a week at a U.S. camp for children and teens costs $1.30 to $2,000. The total price consists of the following terms.

  • Lodging;

  • Nutrition;

  • The services of a qualified teacher.

  • Short trips and excursions to neighboring cities or along the coast.

  • Round-trip airfare, medical insurance and visa fees are paid separately.

Accommodations for students and schoolchildren during education are arranged on campus or in boarding apartments with fully equipped single, double and triple rooms. Each children's camp in the United States provides good nutrition for students. It can be breakfast and dinner, or full board, including a variety of hot and cold dishes. Some schools even take into account dietary or vegetarian characteristics.

Top 15 Summer Camps

  1. University of California (UCLA Summer Camp Los Angeles) This summer camp is located at the prestigious University of California, UCLA, in Los Angeles. This educational institution is known for its reputation and high level of education.

  2. Malibu Kings College Summer This school operates on the foundation of Pepperdine University, which is located in one of the most beautiful places in California - from the campus to the view of the Pacific Ocean, the beaches of Los Angeles and more!

  3. MIT Summer Camp - Here children of all ages (from 6 to 18 years old) will be able to combine learning English with programming lessons. This camp is for those interested in creative development and inclined to exact science

  4. Rennert International New York - a language school located in the heart of New York City - invites youngsters aged 13 and up for an exciting holiday. In addition to the standard program for young students, the school offers courses in the business field, highly specialized courses and much more.

  5. Rennert International Miami (Language School Rennert International Miami) - The second branch of Rennert's international education network is located in Miami. It is one of the oldest education centers (founded in 1973) and the most popular with foreign students.

  6. Summer Camp New York Wagner College This school's program is a harmonious mix of exciting English classes, fun recreational programs and exciting excursions.

  7. University of California, Berkeley Developed in partnership with several of the nation's leading universities, UC Berkeley's summer program offers a wide range of programs from basic to combination courses for students ages 9 to 18.

  8. CATS Academy Boston. The private school KETS Boston Academy is remembered by its students for its special atmosphere and high level of organization of the educational process. In addition, the school offers its students a unique curriculum that makes it possible for them to obtain a double diploma - a standard school diploma and a CIGB sample.

  9. Emmanuel College Located in the heart of Boston, the Emmanuel College Summer Camp combines the study of English with the subjects in the curriculum, including exact and natural sciences and the arts

  10. Philips Andover Academy . It is one of the most prestigious and respected boarding schools in the United States. Here, high school students between the ages of 15 and 18 are offered education throughout the summer months of the school year.

  11. University of Miami  The University of Miami Summer Camp program gives students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the educational environment of an American educational institution, quickly adapting and preparing them for university studies in the United States. The school has a gifted and talented children's program that offers study in over 80 subjects

  12. Yale University On top of the university, there is a summer school of the ISSOS educational network, whose centers are considered very prestigious and are recognized worldwide. In the United States, only Yale University has a branch.

  13. LAL Fort Lauderdale is the summer school of the prestigious LAL Education Network, which also has branches in the UK, Canada and South Africa

  14. FLS Fisher College - another summer school of the FLS International Network, based in one of the oldest colleges in the United States, located in Boston

  15. Cane University Summer Camp New York is an English summer school located on the territory of a prestigious university. It opened only in 2017, but has already made a name for itself among foreign students.

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